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Psychotherapy sessions can be offered on a short term basis, perhaps focusing on a specific problem. Often however, psychotherapy takes place over a longer period, so that time can be given to explore difficulties more fully.The psychotherapy sessions last for 50 minutes. They are offered
at various intensities- weekly or two or three times each week.

Having two or three initial Consultation sessions can provide an opportunity to talk things through, to explore whether psychotherapy is what you are looking for and what you hope you might gain.

Sometimes these initial Consultations can help in their own right to find a focus for understanding or help move things forward. But often they are the start of continued exploration and self understanding.

Online Appointments

Although Psychotherapy sessions are usually offered in person, sessions can be offered also on line through Zoom, if accessing the Practice directly is difficult.

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Online Appoitments


My fees are currently £50 per session and are periodically reviewed.

I am committed to Psychotherapy being as accessible as possible. If there are concerns about fees, this can be discussed at the initial Consultation.


Health Insurance companies will often pay for psychotherapy treatment.


I am an approved
practitioner with BUPA and AVIVA.

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