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Privacy Policy

Viv Walkerdine is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the personal information and online privacy of patients and users of this site.

This website collects data for the purposes of monitoring traffic, understanding how the site is used and how it can be further improved. The cookies used are to assist the smooth and transparent running of the website. The services processing this data are Google Analytics and Wix.

If personal information is given either through the contact form or directly by email, you are providing information voluntarily on the understanding that it will be stored securely and treated with confidentiality. The data is solely used by Viv Walkerdine and will not be passed on or transferred to third parties, except where your permission has been requested or where there is a legal requirement to do so. All personal information is kept securely and retained for up to 7 years following the closure of psychoanalytic work.

During the data retention period, you have the following rights:

  • Right to access and request of a copy of your personal data and to ask for factually incorrect information to be amended.

  • Right to request erasure of your personal data, if no longer relevant of if you wish to withdraw consent.

  • Right to request your data is transferred to another party.

Viv Walkerdine is registered with the Information Commissions Office as required by the Data Protection Act.

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